Personal and Professional Success for New Team Members, Recent Graduates, Apprentices

Transitioning to the workforce is a big challenge. This workshop uses the ProgressiveCareer 3E principles to address common hurdles that prevent new hires or professionals newly placed in roles from succeeding.  Special emphasis is placed on helping new hires transition to their new working environment, overcome cultural barriers, and work effectively in teams. We use storytelling, interactive conversation and exercises to increase attendee engagement. 

Our extensive experience coaching, and mentoring professionals in the workplace gives us the skills to successfully integrate your new people into your workforce and guarantee greater success.  Whether your employees are entry level or those on the fast track to the executive suite, we generate better ROI by increasing employee productivity, reducing turnover, and aligning company culture with employees. 


  • Full and half day workshops are available.
  • This workshop works best with groups of 5-25.
  • Workshops are scheduled at your convenience and at your offices.

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