Personal and Professional Success Skills

This series of interpersonal and workplace skills workshops are tailored to fit your needs. Mastery of interpersonal skills can make the difference between an average employee and a future leader, a failed project and a satisfied client, or a missed opportunity and a great success. ProgressiveCareer has distilled many powerful principles from professional and life lessons, learned over a career spanning multiple continents, companies, industries, and C-level positions in both business and IT.

These principles, delivered in compelling workshops, develop the individual and team skills needed by professionals to successfully integrate, develop, and succeed. These workshops teach you and your teams how to apply the principles to your most difficult professional challenges. The personal and professional success skills workshops will propel you, your team, and your company to greater success.

Continue below to see how these workshops can help throughout your organization. 


Listen to Gordon speak about the importance of interpersonal skills. From 3-22-17 episode - "The John and Heidi Show" podcast for Sunny Radio stations. Gordon discussed skills gaps, apprenticeships, and more.


Executives and board members

Will learn how to:

  • Enhance leadership ability
  • Re-shape and evolve your company culture and improve employee engagement

  • Respond to your greatest people challenges and transformational requirements


Managers and future leaders

Will learn how to:

  • Accelerate and maximize professional growth

  • Facilitate conflict resolution 

  • Coach others for success

  • Effectively win hearts and minds


New team members, recent graduates, or job/career changers

Will learn how to:

  • Start or re-start a successful career.

  • Work with diverse teams across different cultures, functions, genders and diversity groups.

  • Understand differences in interpersonal styles, communications, and cues

  • Build positive relationships and work in high performing teams