Gordon Kent - Progressive Career LLC Closing Skills Gaps

Skills gaps. We need more and better skills for the digital economy. Cyber. Cloud. FinTech. Manufacturing. Healthcare. Millions of jobs require these and other skills. Importantly, interpersonal skills, being able to collaborate with and lead people in the workplace, are needed everywhere.

Solutions to the challenges of today’s interconnected world require better training of interpersonal skills, e.g. working across cultures, communicating digitally, and leading 21st century teams. We also need better programs that bridge the skills and training gaps between employers and people who work for them, including more Apprenticeships and other work/study programs.

Many of you know I’ve returned to the US after 9 great years in London. My new passion, career and business, ProgressiveCareer LLC, is devoted to helping create these solutions. I will coach and train executives, emerging talent, and those entering new roles, for professional success. I will lead businesses, educators and the public sector to collaborate toward better workforces and business results. I will help close skills gaps and create better, more fulfilling careers.

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ProgressiveCareer 3E's Interpersonal Skills Workshops.

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To many of you, thank you very much for your support in getting me here. To many others, thanks for taking a look now, and your comments and support. I will be in touch soon. Warm regards to all.