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Coaching for Professional Success in the Post-Pandemic World

“I’m happy to reintroduce ProgressiveCareer and what we do to help executives, mid-career professionals, career changers, and those starting out.”

“We do executive and career coaching. We give personalized, highly successful guidance to you in getting started, improving, re-launching, career changing, and achieving your maximum potential.”

We help you improve and maximize your Professional Success Skills – the skills you need to be your professional best, to achieve your greatest possible success. These are the most difficult, nuanced, important skills you need to master at any level of business. These include:

  • – Leadership

  • – Communications, presentations

  • – Executive Presence

  • – Personal marketing and branding

  • – Networking and having personal impact

  • – Managing teams

  • – Collaboration

We are certified to use best in class personality and reputation assessment tools to provide feedback on your motivations, values, impacts on others.

We will help you develop and improve your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your marketing campaign to land your dream job.

We help you develop a career plan, a detailed, step by step approach to professional triumph.

We will help you succeed at the top level. We will also help you develop plans to achieve the C-suite. We will help you re-start your career. We will help you find your next.

2020 has been a momentous year of change. The Covid virus has caused all of us to rethink how we go about our business, how we do our work. ProgressiveCareer has also been at work sharpening skills and (#2020hope #dream #future) training for you on virtual interviewing, online presence, modern networking. We use all the most modern techniques to make sure you’re ready for today’s workplace – wherever it is.

Please get in touch if you would like more information. Or, if you want? Just get started!



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29. Jan. 2021

From U.S. News Top Business Skills for Success on the Job.

“Business skills are a foundation for success in the business world and include soft skills like communication, along with analytical and organizational skills that help a business succeed. Critical thinking, negotiation and trainability are other examples of business skills.”

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