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WORKING DIFFERENTLY-in THE POST COVID world–new skills to learn, new skills i coach

Many of us are cautiously venturing out - into a slowly dawning post covid working world. We’re by no means there, but have a clearer vision of the future. A new, partly remote and partly office based, “hybrid” model has begun to take shape in many business cases.

The hybrid model will require new skills – defined by changing routines and conflicting priorities. The old, predictable commuting and office based routine will be replaced by a blend of personal and professional activities, intermixed throughout our days. We will need human skills – Professional Success Skills - such as empathy, resilience, collaboration, team building, creativity, prioritization – more than ever before.

We’ve learned that technology is a huge help in keeping us connected and productive. We have to make sure we're more effective, not paralyzed over overwhelmed by all technology can do. We must use technology to augment humanity and productivity.

Leaders will need to model hybrid skills –ways of living and working that use new, mixed behaviors and time management and prioritization skills. They need to model hybrid working for others and give them permission to try it.

I continue to coach people (#executivecoach #careercoach) at various levels in the professional workforce on the hybrid skills and other critical skills needed for professional success.

Here is an excellent article on this topic from Arianna Huffington who writes extensively on work and well being:

“to successfully navigate the new hybrid world defined by changing routines and continuing uncertainty we’ll need human skills — empathy, resilience, collaboration, team building and creativity. These are the skills that will allow us to adapt to new environments and constant changes, and use all of our other skills in a sustainable way without burning out”

Please get in touch for a conversation. Gordon

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