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I am happy to welcome you all to this new ProgressiveCareer website. You might have wondered what I have been up to in my work lately, here is a brief update. I've settled into the strange but real Covid world. A world of meetings that are all virtual. Where nearly all interactions with business colleagues or friends are via Zoom, or GoogleMeet, or Bluejeans, or Webex, or Skype, or Teams, or others. I’ve learned a lot about the new and different skills we need to succeed in a more virtual world.

- How do we make our communications compelling without direct personal contact?

- What new skills do I need to present myself well on Zoom?

. Best lighting?

. Best camera angle?

. Best background?

- How do I manage a group online?

- How do I get my team to innovate, the biggest challenge of remote working?

Many of those I have been coaching have been taking stock of themselves.

  • Do I want to change industries or jobs?

  • Do I want to strive for a promotion? How do I do that, I’ve been stifled?

  • Do I want to get to the C-suite? How do I chart that course.

  • How do I put together a powerful resume?

  • How do I make my LinkedIn profile something that will work for me?

  • What is my personal brand? Do I want to change it?

  • How do I do a virtual job search? What are the best tools?

Some of the skills I am currently working on with some that I coach.

- Executive presence - Personal branding - Personality and reputation feedback and analysis

- I continue to be certified to interpret Hogan Leadership Forecast reports - Bolder, more impactful communications without making enemies - Interactive, more effective listening - Better stakeholder management I’ve developed a new, “lightning round feedback session” to confront personal challenges

I specialize in working with Human Resources on your career development

I will help you figure out “how do I decide what I want to change’?


Please get in touch. Start your coaching sessions now.

Get a personality assessment and interpretation.

Discuss your next job or career asap!

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